Acerbis Plastic Kit Yamaha YZF 450 from 2010 to 2013

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The plastic kit consists of the pieces shown in the photos.

To add V-Face and/or Fork Guards, follow the directions under the choice of colors.

Made by Acerbis.



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It takes four to seven business days, depending on the supplier’s stock availability. These times may vary if you buy other products with the plastic kit that have a longer production time than the one just mentioned.

If you do not find the model of your motorcycle, email us to Generally we load all the plastic kits that we can supply but if you do not find the model of your bike among those proposed, try to email us to check in the archive if we also have the plastic for your bike.

The plastics are produced by Rtech, Acerbis and Polisport. In the title and description of the product we always put the credit of the manufacturer to identify by whom they are made.

The kits are assembled by the supplier, therefore we resell them as such. In each kit we offer the possibility of adding a pair of fork protectors and in some cases the V-face mask, by checking the “fork protector” or “V-face mask” option in the “Additional parts” section. The coloring of the fork protectors or the mask is chosen based on the color of the plastic kit. In case you have any particular request on the colors for the fork protector or mask, write it in the order notes that you find below.

Yes it is possible but it has a higher cost corresponding to approximately double the kit assembled with the colors proposed by the supplier. Consequently, it is possible to buy each plastic of a certain color individually to have a totally customized plastic kit. If you are interested in this specific case, send an email to, specifying the model of your bike and the colors you want. The colors available are the ones you see on our website for that specific model. Consequently, if you do not see the color you want for your motorcycle model, it means that it is not available.

Shipping to Italy costs € 8.50 but with a cost of more than € 209 it becomes free. The times are 24/48 hours on the whole national territory according to the area.

Yes, contact us at explaining your request, we will reply within 24 hours with a quote suitable for your needs.

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Choose the color of your plastic kit in the section below:

Additional parts
Click on the "i" to view the template. The color of the additional parts is chosen based on the complete kit. In case you have any particular request on the colors for the protector or mask, write it in the order notes that you will find at checkout (page where you will select the payment and shipping method)
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