Fantic “Adidas” Seat Cover

63,39  VAT incl.

Adidas” seat cover for Fantic XX, XXF, XE, XEF, XX e XXF motorcycles and for all models in the list in the “Motorcycle Model” section below. The seat cover is made with materials characterized by the following factors:

  • Strong grip
  • Waterproof
  • Resistance against high temperature washing
  • Specific measures for each motorcycle model
  • Flexibility to ensure easy assembly
  • Finishes and design with attention to detail

The seat cover is compatible for standard saddles and raised saddles.

If you are buying a seat cover with FLUO colors, read the FAQs

Customize the colors in the section below.


It takes from ten to fifteen working days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and any holidays.

In the “customization” section you can choose the exact model of your bike.

They can be made for all models in the “Motorcycle model” section and are produced following the specific measurements of each saddle.
If you do not find the model of your motorcycle, email us to If we do not have the measurements of the motorcycle in question, we are available to send a courier to collect the saddle so that we can take the measurements, make the seat cover and offer the mounting for free.

Yes, it is possible. On the product page you can customize the colors and materials of the seat cover.
In particular, go to the “Standard or Custom” section, click on “Custom” and then “Customize the colors”. An editor will open that will allow you to change the colors and materials at will.

We created the pocket following the measurements of an iPhone 13 PRO Max as it is the largest and most common smartphone on the market. Consequently, we can guarantee that smartphones of the same or smaller size can be placed in this space.

Shipping to Italy costs € 8.50 but with a cost of more than € 209 it becomes free. The times are 24/48 hours on the whole national territory according to the area.

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