Ktm Fluo 2.0 Graphic Kit

Ktm Fluo 2.0 Graphic Kit

239.00 VAT included

“Fluo 2.0” graphic kit for KTM motorcycles is made of high quality crystal. Resistant but at the same time also equipped with excellent malleability that will ensure easy application.

The complete adhesive kit includes: pair of radiator shroud, front fender, rear fender, front numberplate, side numberplate, airbox, forkguards and swingarm.
100% Made in Italy. Designed and printed in Italy.

  • USA Top Quality Material
  • Super-glossy crystal
  • Extra-strong adhesive

The graphics kit will be realized in about 5-9 working days. Before the actual production we will provide you, through email, a preview of your final project.


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    KTM Seat Cover “Double Racing”

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    Main characteristics of the "Double Racing" seat cover for KTM motorcycles:
    • Strong grip
    • Waterproof
    • Resistance against abrasion and high washing temperature
    • Specific measurements for each motorcycle model
    • Good flexibility to ensure easy assembly
    • Made with particular attention to each detail and design
    The seat cover is compatible for standard seats and also raised seats. All the inserts (Motorcycle brand, name and number) are made and printed on transparent Crystal to then be applied on the fabrics.
    74.99 VAT included

After the purchase, in 2-3 working days, you will receive an email in which you will find the draft of your “KTM Fluo 2.0” configured according to your requests.

In the same email, you will also be given the opportunity to make some changes regarding the positioning and color of some logos. If there were any revisions to be made, respond to the email describing perfectly any change to be made to the design. This is because if you forget something or you would like to make more changes, the price will increase by 30 euros for each draft required after the second.

N.B. The graphics will be sent to print only after you have tried them by email.

The order can be canceled only if the draft has not already been provided by email.

In case you need to buy only some parts of the kit, send us an email to [email protected], specifying the order number in which you bought the graphics and attaching a photo of the bike in question, after which you will be provided with all the information necessary for payment and shipping.

If you do not find the model or vintage of your bike in the list on this page at the top left and below the gallery, send us an email to [email protected] specifying the brand, model and vintage of your bike and attaching photos of it. Later we will reply if the “templates” of the bike in question are present in our archive.

Brand Model Year Engine
Brand Model Year Engine
KTM DUKE 2011 - 2016 200cc
KTM DUKE 2011 - 2018 125cc
KTM DUKE 2011 - 2018 390cc
KTM DUKE 2011 - 2018 690cc
KTM ENDURO-R 2012 - 2019 690cc
KTM EXC 1993 - 2016 125cc
KTM EXC 1993 - 2019 250cc
KTM EXC 1993 - 2019 300cc
KTM EXC 1998 - 2019 200cc
KTM EXC-F 1998 - 2011 400cc
KTM EXC-F 2001 - 2019 250cc
KTM EXC-F 2002 - 2008 525cc
KTM EXC-F 2002 - 2019 450cc
KTM EXC-F 2008 - 2011 530cc
KTM EXC-F 2012 - 2019 350cc
KTM EXC-F 2012 - 2019 500cc
KTM FREERIDE 2012 - 2019 250cc
KTM FREERIDE 2012 - 2019 300cc
KTM LC4 1998 - 2007 640cc
KTM SMC 2008 - 2011 690cc
KTM SMC-R 2012 - 2019 690cc
KTM SMR 2000 - 2002 400cc
KTM SMR 2003 - 2019 450cc
KTM SMR 2006 - 2019 250cc
KTM SMR 2011 - 2019 350cc
KTM SUPER ADVENTURE 2018 - 2019 1290cc
KTM SUPER DUKE 2017 - 2018 1290cc
KTM SX 1993 - 2019 125cc
KTM SX 1993 - 2019 250cc
KTM SX 1998 - 2019 50cc
KTM SX 1998 - 2019 65cc
KTM SX 2002 - 2004 200cc
KTM SX 2003 - 2019 85cc
KTM SX 2007 - 2010 144cc
KTM SX 2007 - 2019 150cc
KTM SX-F 2000 - 2002 400cc
KTM SX-F 2003 - 2019 450cc
KTM SX-F 2006 - 2019 250cc
KTM SX-F 2011 - 2019 350cc
KTM XC-W 2017 - 2019 125cc
KTM XC-W 2017 - 2019 150cc