Husqvarna “Rockstar” Graphic Kit

Husqvarna “Rockstar” Graphic Kit

149.00 VAT included

“Rockstar” graphic kit for Husqvarna motorcycles is made of high quality crystal. Resistant but at the same time also equipped with excellent malleability that will ensure easy application.

The complete adhesive kit includes: pair of radiator shroud, front fender, rear fender, front numberplate, side numberplate, airbox, forkguards and swingarm.
100% Made in Italy. Designed and printed in Italy.

  • USA Top Quality Material
  • Super-glossy crystal
  • Extra-strong adhesive

The graphics kit will be realized in about 9-10 working days. Before the actual production we will provide you, through email, a preview of your final project.


After the purchase, in 3-4 days, you will receive an email in which you will find the draft of your “Husqvarna Rockstar” configured according to your requests.

In the same email, you will also be given the opportunity to make some changes regarding the positioning and color of some logos. If there were any revisions to be made, respond to the email describing perfectly any change to be made to the design. This is because if you forget something or you would like to make more changes, the price will increase by 30 euros for each draft required after the second.

N.B. The graphics will be sent to print only after you have tried them by email.

The order can be canceled only if the draft has not already been provided by email.

In case you need to buy only some parts of the kit, send us an email to, specifying the order number in which you bought the graphics and attaching a photo of the bike in question, after which you will be provided with all the information necessary for payment and shipping.

If you do not find the model or vintage of your bike in the list on this page at the top left and below the gallery, send us an email to specifying the brand, model and vintage of your bike and attaching photos of it. Later we will reply if the “templates” of the bike in question are present in our archive.

Brand Model Year Engine
Brand Model Year Engine
Husqvarna CR 1996 - 1997 125cc
Husqvarna CR 2000 - 2013 125cc
Husqvarna CR 2003 - 2008 250cc
Husqvarna CR 2011 - 2012 50cc
Husqvarna CR 2012 - 2015 65cc
Husqvarna FC 2014 - 2019 250cc
Husqvarna FC 2014 - 2019 350cc
Husqvarna FC 2014 - 2019 450cc
Husqvarna FE 2014 - 2019 250cc
Husqvarna FE 2014 - 2019 350cc
Husqvarna FE 2014 - 2019 450cc
Husqvarna FE 2014 - 2019 501cc
Husqvarna FS 2014 - 2019 250cc
Husqvarna FS 2014 - 2019 350cc
Husqvarna FS 2014 - 2019 450cc
Husqvarna FS 2014 - 2019 501cc
Husqvarna NUDA 2011 - 2014 900cc
Husqvarna SM 1997 - 2013 125cc
Husqvarna SM 2003 - 2005 400cc
Husqvarna SM 2005 - 2010 510cc
Husqvarna SM 2005 - 2010 610cc
Husqvarna SM 2006 - 2011 450cc
Husqvarna SM 2008 - 2009 570cc
Husqvarna SM 2011 - 2018 511cc
Husqvarna SMR 1997 - 2013 125cc
Husqvarna SMR 2005 - 2010 610cc
Husqvarna SMR 2006 - 2011 450cc
Husqvarna SMR 2008 - 2009 570cc
Husqvarna SMR 2011 - 2018 511cc
Husqvarna SMS 2010 - 2014 125cc
Husqvarna SMS 2010 610cc
Husqvarna SUPERMOTO 2015 - 2019 701cc
Husqvarna TC 2001 - 2004 400cc
Husqvarna TC 2001 - 2004 570cc
Husqvarna TC 2002 - 2019 250cc
Husqvarna TC 2005 - 2007 450cc
Husqvarna TC 2011 - 2013 449cc
Husqvarna TC 2011 - 2013 511cc
Husqvarna TC 2014 - 2015 300cc
Husqvarna TC 2014 - 2018 125cc
Husqvarna TC 2014 - 2019 85cc
Husqvarna TC 2016 - 2019 50cc mini
Husqvarna TC 2016 - 2019 65cc
Husqvarna TC 2017 - 2019 50cc
Husqvarna TE 2001 - 2004 400cc
Husqvarna TE 2001 - 2004 570cc
Husqvarna TE 2002 - 2019 250cc
Husqvarna TE 2005 - 2007 450cc
Husqvarna TE 2005 - 2013 310cc
Husqvarna TE 2011 - 2013 449cc
Husqvarna TE 2011 - 2013 511cc
Husqvarna TE 2014 - 2015 300cc
Husqvarna TE 2014 - 2019 125cc
Husqvarna TX 2018 - 2019 125cc
Husqvarna WR 1993 - 1995 350cc
Husqvarna WR 1996 - 2007 360cc
Husqvarna WR 1996 - 2011 250cc
Husqvarna WR 2005 - 2013 300cc
Husqvarna WR 2006 - 2013 125cc
Husqvarna WR 2013 250cc
Husqvarna WRE 2006 - 2013 125cc

Istruzioni per la scelta dei materiali e colori per le selle

Super Grip

Materiale con resistenza e grip maggiore. Colori congruenti alle plastiche/grafiche
Medium Grip

Materiale con un buon grip ma che lascia più libertà di movimento. Colori meno simili rispetto alle plastiche/grafiche.
Normal Grip

Materiale con leggero grip. Il rosso scuro e il bianco sono gli unici in pelle e vengono spesso usati per moto più datate.
Black Carbon

Materiale con leggero grip, principalmente utilizzato per questioni prettamente estetiche.
Black Hive

Materiale con un grip simile alla categoria "Medium Grip".
Blue Navy Rumble

Materiale con un'ottima resistenza e grip. Colore simile a blu Ktm/Husqvarna.

Instructions for choosing materials and colors for your seat cover

Super Grip

Material with greater resistance and grip. The colors match the plastics/graphics.
Medium Grip

Material with good grip and a higher level of freedom of movement. Colors less similar respect the plastics/graphics.
Normal Grip

Material with light grip. Dark red and white are the only ones in leather and are often used for older motorcycles.
Black Carbon

Material with light grip, mainly used for purely aesthetic reasons.
Black Hive

Material with a grip like the "Medium Grip" category.
Blue Navy Rumble

Material with excellent resistance and grip. Color like the Ktm / Husqvarna blue.


Capo dalla vestibilità più classica senza rinunciare ad un buon comfort. Consigliato per coloro che portano pettorine durante la guida (si consiglia di prendere taglie maggiorate in tal caso) o a chi pratica Enduro in quanto più resistente rispetto al modello sottostante.


Maggiore libertà di movimento grazie ad una vestibilità ottimale che garantisce una riduzione dello sfregamento e quindi un massimo comfort. Consigliato per coloro che non portano pettorine o per coloro che la portano sopra la maglia. Il tessuto, essendo molto aderente, è consigliato a chi valorizza di più il confort di guida alla resistenza alle cadute. 

Cliccando su "STANDARD" potrai personalizzare nome e numero del tuo capo e potrai quindi acquistarlo nella configurazione (colori e loghi) che vedi di presentazione.

Selezionando invece "PERSONALIZZATA", oltre ad inserire nome e numero, potrai anche modificare i colori del prodotto ed inserire fino ad un massimo di tre loghi. I loghi che potranno essere stampati sui nostri completi sono quelli di cui  sei proprietario o autorizzato all’uso. In particolare non può essere inserito alcun brand con riferimento ad energy drink e brand di moto.


A classic fit without sacrificing great comfort. Recommended for those who wear guards while driving (it is advisable to take larger sizes in this case) or to those who practice Enduro as it is more resistant than the slim model.


It provides a greater freedom of movement thanks to an optimal fit that guarantees a reduction in friction and therefore maximum comfort. Recommended for those who do not wear any guards or for those who wear them over the shirt. The fabric, being very adherent, is recommended for those who value more the comfort of driving over the resistance to falls.

By selecting "STANDARD" you can customize the name and number of your mx gear and then buy it in the configuration (colors and logos) that you see in the above figure.

By selecting "CUSTOM" instead, in addition to entering the name and number, you can also change the colors of the gear set and insert up to three logos. For the logos you provide us, they must be the ones you own or you are authorized for. In particular, no trademark can be entered with reference to energy drinks and motorcycles