What material are the graphics?

The graphics that you will find on the site are all made of high quality crystal. Resistant but at the same time also equipped with excellent malleability that will ensure easy application. This material is created specifically for Motocross and currently remains the best material on the market that can guarantee quality in terms of beauty, shine, strength and application.

What material are the motocross clothing?

The Wob Design motocross shirt is made of raglan sleeves and mesh inserts on the sides and under the sleeves. The main fabric is made of polyester tactel while the inserts are made of polyester and elastomer to guarantee an excellent fit.

Neck and wrists are fitted with a lycra collar.

The motocross pants Wob Design by MadBros is a combination of design, technology and lightness. All the materials used are of the highest level; for the printable part a 600 waterproof anti-water polyester is used, on the sides and in the seat area a cordura (R) 500/1000 is used. On the inside of the knee is inserted a fabric with high tenacity of practically indestructible nylon. The ventilation of the trousers is guaranteed by Airnet inserts in the groin area and comfort by preforming the knee. Spandex and SuperRoubaix close the package of fabrics used to make a garment that is at the top of the range.

I can not find the brand or model of my bike / helmet / neckbrace / boot in the shop.


Regarding the bikes on the site you will find only the most common brands such as Ktm, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Husqvarna and TM. The reason is that the designs created are really numerous and it is not possible to have the graphics ready for all the existing brands and models.

However, in the archive are available many other templates for other brands and models.

So, the thing you need to do is go to the “shop” for motorcycle graphics and go to the “other brands” section; automatically you will open a page where you can fill out the technical sheet of your bike and then receive your graphics.


If instead you have problems in finding the brand or model of your helmet / neck brace / boots, send an email to [email protected] describing the model of the object in question and you will be given an answer about it. Currently all the Templates available are loaded, however it may be that maybe a model has escaped, so try doesn’t hurt.

In case I ruined some parts of the graphics, how can I have only a certain number of pieces instead of the full kit?

In this case send us an email to [email protected], specifying the order number of which you bought the graphics and attaching a photo of the bike in question, after this you will be provided with all the necessary information for payment and shipping.

I would like to see the preview of the graphics adapted to my specific model, can you send me a draft of the graphics before I make the payment?

No, but thanks to the editor on the page of each product, you can directly see the combination of colors you prefer without running any “risk”.

Instead, to receive the actual draft configured with the logos, numbers and name you have chosen, you must make the purchase on the website by filling out all the fields you will find or request by mail to pay a deposit of 50 euros as a form of guarantee for the time and the work that will be employed in the realization of the design in order to receive the preview without paying the whole product.
The balance must still be made before sending it to the printing process.

How can I use the editor?

Here is an illustrative video that will explain to you how best to use this tool.

What should I do once I have received my draft?

In the email where you will be provided with the draft configured according to your requests, you will also be given the opportunity to make some changes regarding the positioning and color of some logos. If there were any revisions to be made, respond to the email describing perfectly any change to be made to the design. This is because if you forget something or you think of more changes, the price will increase for each draft required after the second.

N.B. The graphics will be sent to print only once you have tried them by email.

Can I cancel my order?

An order can be canceled only if the draft has not already been provided by e-mail.

If I provided you with a picture of a graphic that I like, could you replicate it?

No. Our policy absolutely forbids the plagiarism of others ‘Artworks’. If you are particularly interested in a graphic that has not been designed by us, we will be able to make a graphic that will follow the themes, colors and logos of the design in question but that will not be the identical copy of the latter. In other words we will create a graphic that will remember the one you requested but which will be revisited according to our ideas and styles. In case you have a need of this type, click here.

How can I have metallic, fluorescent or chrome-plated graphics?

We divide the case:

-Metallized: In all the products on the site you are offered the possibility to change the colors of your graphic replacing them with metallic shades through our Instant Editor. The colors in question are only the last five in the pantone. In this case, to make the metallic colors you just select the desired color and automatically you will see the result in the editor. Once the metallic color are selected the price will be automatically adjusted (it’ll increase of 50 euros). If you want to also make some metallic logos, you have to reply to the email that will be given to you after the purchase, describing perfectly which elements you want to make metallic. Any part of the graphics can be made with metallic colors except for the elements that are shades or which are logos or lines that are above or below nuances. The use of these colors requires a processing procedure totally different from the one that is used with the “normal” colors and has a higher cost that will increase the price if I had not already made some metallic colors at the base of your graphics through the Instant editor. The price increase starts from € 50 and can grow again in the case of special requests or jobs that require more time than expected in the increase in the “base” price. We particularly recommend the use of the “Metallic-Cobalt” and “Metallic-Silver” colors to obtain a “stronger” effect as the other colors have an effect of less visual impact.

-Fluo: the fluorescent colors available are yellow, red, green, orange and pink. As you may have noticed, the site offers a fluorescent coloring product for each category. In each graphic we also offer the possibility to customize the name and number with fluorescent colors with an increase on the price of 50 euros.

It is also possible to customize some parts of the logos of your graphics with fluorescent colors (the most recommended are the main ones on the conveyors). In this case, you must reply to the email that will be provided to you after the purchase, describing perfectly which elements you want to make Fluo and of which color. Based on the size of the items you will be provided with a relative quote.

If, on the other hand, you wanted a completely fluo graphics that is not already present in our catalog, the procedure would be different.

You should create a graphic that starts from white paper and draw it keeping in mind of what the criteria for the use of these colors are.

Go to the section below to go to the article dedicated to graphics that start from white paper (100% customized) and inform you about procedures and costs.

Now that you have all the information you need to know what it means to create a totally personalized graphic, let’s move on to the part dedicated to the fluo.

The aforementioned criteria concerning the creation of a full fluorescent graphic is that only black can be printed on the fluorescent parts of the design.

Prices are variable depending on the size of the elements that will be made fluo but indicatively the starting price is approaching around 250 euros for a complete kit.

-Chrome-plated: The site does not offer the possibility to customize its graphics with these colors because the material that is used to make them has a thickness and a hardness that is slightly higher than normal. Therefore it is advisable not to use them in those motorcycle models that have a strong “bulge” present in the side panels. Entering the case if we take a Ktm sx 2018 there would not be problems in making these shades of colors because the “crowning” created on the side is not “heavy” as it is on a Honda crf of the same vintage.

Also in this case you can customize some parts of the logos of your graphics (the most recommended are the main ones on the conveyors). All you have to do is reply to the email describing perfectly what are the elements you want to make chrome and based on the size of the elements you will be given a quote.

How do I get a graphic that starts from white paper and that is therefore 100% customized just for me?

This is a procedure that we usually recommend only to those who have really clear ideas in their head for two reasons:

If you do not have a definite idea of the work you want to achieve there is the risk that the project you have in mind may then not reflect the image you have of it. This is because maybe you are not able to clearly convey your ideas or there may be misunderstandings on our part or, more commonly, many times what you think has a logical and aesthetic thread perfect in your mind but then in reality, once realized, it does not have the same yield.

If you do not have a definite idea of the work you want to accomplish there can be a useless expense of time on our part and an unnecessary financial expense on your part. In fact, for the realization of a design of this type it takes a long time, for which we require a deposit of 50 euros as a form of guarantee for the time and the work that will be used in the realization. The total starting price for a work of this type is 180 euros for the complete kit (including the 50 euros of deposit of course). With the 50 euro down payment two drafts are included in which the first will represent the drawing according to all the requests you have made while the second will be the draft with the various changes that we have made (if necessary) following the vision of the first draft. In this case you will have to list all the necessary changes to the first draft perfectly, without forgetting anything. This is because in case you forget something or you come to mind more changes, the price will increase by 30 euros for each draft required after the second. Obviously it is not the case if it were small details like moving a single logo from one position to another.

In conclusion, the thing we suggest you to do, if you do not have a well-defined idea of the project you have in mind, is to choose a graphic on the site and then customize it through the instant editor getting a unique graphic that, thanks to the use of this tool, will be able to guide you in the drafting of your ideas on the design.

If instead you were convinced of your project, all you have to do is send an email to [email protected] describing it in every detail. The times of realization are variable according to the complexity of the thing but indicatively it takes four working days for the realization of the first draft.

In which cases are returns accepted for wrong size?

Returns for the wrong size can only be accepted for no-personalized products, ie those that are sold in the “standard” item and without numbers and names.