About us

Graphic Designer.


Welcome everyone!

Wob Design is a brand that Starts from the idea of ​​Walter Zanin to combine two great passions: Motocross and Design.

Choosing from a wide range of designs, this site offers you the possibility to customize any article concerning the motocross world. The heart of this project is based on the continuous research and growth of a style that wants to be a point of reference for each rider.

Hence the motto “Defend your Design”. In this site I have searched, studied and created any tool that can offer the public a way to assert those three words mentioned just now.

In fact, the structure of it can be easily divided into three parts where the first offers the possibility to choose among those that are my ideas adapted to different styles; the second offers you the possibility to modify my ideas through tools like the Instant Editor and finally the third one that leaves you blank paper in the creation of a graphic based entirely on your ideas.

Everything is offered to the public through a wide range of prices accessible to all based on the type and customization of the product without renouncing the very first quality of materials and construction techniques, ensuring the value of what is the Made in Italy.

If you even partially identify yourself in my thought, I’m sure you’ll find something that fits your case.

Good vision!

Wob Design